Charlie's Policies

Charlie's is a private, single family residence.  While you are there, you will have the exclusive use of the house and the grounds.  

A full refund is given for any cancellation made more than 30 days before the reservation.  If the cancellation is made less than thirty days before the reservation, two days rental will be credited to your account to be used for a future stay when you wish and the balance will be refunded.

Each reservation requires a deposit of $250 at the time of booking.  The balance will be charged to your credit card shortly after the last day of your stay.  Any damage caused will be charged against the damage deposit, and the balance will be refunded.  If there is no damage beyond normal wear and tear, your full damage deposit will be refunded.

The property owner will follow up as soon as possible with a confirmation email and credit card receipt once the reservation has been reviewed and your credit card successfully processed. If you do not hear from the property owner within 24 hours, please call them at 918-706-6082. Please print this page for your records.